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Dumisoft CWS is a Cheque writing software that prints on any size of cheque
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DumiSoft Cheque Writer and PDC Management Software is a reliable tool that allows you to monitor and control the issuing and receiving of payment instruments. The application can help you manage payments through your cheque book or with CDP instruments, as well as store relevant information in the database.Simple to use cheque designerDumiSoft Cheque Writer and PDC Management Software allows you to create payment instruments based on real bank templates. The application offers you a multitude of cheque models that you can use, based on which bank you are affiliated with. Thus, you may simply fill in the cheque with the desired information, then print and sign it.You do not need to carry your cheque around or mark down each payment, since the program can automatically save an entry the transaction. Moreover, the application can instantly read the sums of money you wish to transfer or that you receive and translate it from numbers to words.Issue and receive paymentsDumiSoft Cheque Writer and PDC Management Software works as a financial monitoring and control tool. Its interface is divided into Issue and Receive, in order to facilitate the finances management on separate branches.You need to configure the banks you are affiliated with, as well as the accounts numbers and types. You may choose the extended cheque writing procedure or quickly issue a payment instrument by clicking one button. You also need to configure the currency and the entry balance, then let the software update the information with each transaction.Batch cheque printerDumiSoft Cheque Writer and PDC Management Software allows you to easily print cheques, with one mouse click. You can print a particular entry or batch cheques, for situations when you need to pay the same amount of money to several individuals. The program also allows you to set reminders for current, future or past alerts.
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